Are There Simple Ways to Keep Ticks Out of My Yard Without Chemicals?

Everybody wants to be able to enjoy their yards in the summer time without having to worry about themselves and their family members being eaten up by ticks anytime they step out in the yard. You don’t want these bothersome pests in your yard, but you may not feel like using potentially dangerous chemical pesticides to deal with the problem.

Are there some natural ways to address this issue before resorting to pesticides or calling up your local tick control tampa specialists? As it turns out, there are several potential solutions you can try out before you should consider resorting to other options.

A Few Natural Ways to Eliminate Ticks in Your Yard

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When you’re ready to keep the ticks out of your lawn, consider trying some of these tips.

·    Try to keep your lawn free of debris. Ticks love piles of brush, sticks, and leaves they can cluster up and reproduce in. You can help keep ticks out of your yard by eliminating any of their potential breeding grounds from your yard. You should also make sure you are mowing the yard regularly to ensure the ticks aren’t residing in tall grass.

·    Try not to keep plants around that attract deer to your yard. Make sure you do some research to learn about what kind of plants deer can be attracted to, and try not to keep these kinds of plants in your yard. Ticks love deer, and keeping deer out of your yard is a good way to cut down on the amount of ticks in your yard.

·    Stay on top of taking care of your pets. To keep ticks out of your lawn, you should also keep your pets treated for ticks. This will help make sure no ticks are living on your pets.

It can be simple to keep ticks out of your lawn if you follow a few simple ticks, so by following some natural tips, you hopefully won’t have to resort to the more drastic options for tick elimination.