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4 Facts About Dentures

Looking for information about dentures? Talk to your dental professional to find out all of the information you need concerning dentures and get a new smile after tooth loss occurs. In the meantime, take a look at four facts about dentures below to get a head start on the information you want.

1- How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The great thing about dentures is that options for every budget make smiling easy. Don’t worry if you are limited on funds. Some dentures cost as little as $300 – $500 for a full set. Of course, there are more expensive opinions, but even those are reasonable in comparison to costs of some dental services and procedures.

2- How Often Do I Need to Replace Dentures?

The frequency you’ll replace denture varies according to many factors. This includes how well you care for them, the type of dentures, etc. investing in quality dentures from the get-go saves a lot of time and worry. Generally speaking, dentures need to be replaced every five to eight years.

3- Don’t Panic; Broken Dentures Happen

We aren’t telling you to smile if you break your dentures. But, we are telling you that it happens. Dentures are fragile and easily broken. One slip of the hand can cause them to break. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with the dentist for broken denture repair sugar land in this case. Dentists can repair the dentures in a short time so you don’t miss out on the benefits they provide.

broken denture repair sugar land

4- Does Insurance Cover the Costs of Dentures?

Most dental insurance policies cover the cost of new dentures, but not always. Read over your policy to learn if dentures are covered and how much is covered. Most dental professionals offer payment options and financing for patients without dental insurance coverage.

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