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Do One Day Dental Implants Exist?

dental implants los angeles

If you have discussed the possibility of getting dental implants with your dentist or oral surgeon before, then you’ve probably become familiar with how the process is supposed to work. Normally, dental implants can require several visits to the dentist (or even multiple specialists) and go through bone grafting, implant fitting, and more.

On top of all of this, you have to deal with a recovery time that can take up to several months, and you often even have to wait between different steps of the process for your mouth to heal before you can move on to the next step in getting your permanent dental implants.

What if there were a solution like one day dental implants, just as one day dentures exist? As it turns out, one day dental implants most certainly do exist, and are something you could consider speaking about with your dental implants los angeles professional to see if it is a service they offer.

How Do They Work?

One day dental implants are a relatively quick solution, and as the name implies, can be done in one single day, meaning you can have your teeth extracted and have your implants placed in the exact same 24 hour window. No more waiting around between appointments!

You will have a consultation with the team, who will take scans of your mouth and imaging of your face and jaw. They will then outline the procedure with you, and then once everything is agreed upon, the procedure will take place, including extractions and implant placements.

All that is left after this procedure is complete is your recovery time, which can last up to several months. During this time, you should be eating soft foods and taking it easy if possible. Don’t hesitate to ask your dentist if same day dental implants could be an option for you if you are looking to save as much time as possible on the process of getting your implants.

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